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    世界杯买球app_世界杯足彩app下载_世界杯怎么买球 is a company specializing in developing polyimide materials. The company increased its capital in 2008, and introduced external investment such as listed companies and professional investment companies. At present, the company is a holding company of listed companies. 世界杯买球app_世界杯足彩app下载_世界杯怎么买球 is the first polyimide fiber manufacturing and sales enterprise in China. It is the only enterprise with the ability to synthesize the whole route from polyimide material to final product in China. It is mainly engaged in polyimide material with advanced polymer material technology and core core advantages. The development, production and sale of resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high strength fibers and fabrics, nano products, etc. At present, the company has developed a set of highly efficient synthetic routes and industrialization of polyimide with unique Chinese characteristics, and has obtained many patents including American and European patents, and many awards including the National Invention Award. Now it has become an important base for the research, development and production of polyimide in China.

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    Polyimide is known as a "problem solving expert", and thinks that no polyimide will not have today's microelectronics technology.

  • Polyimide fiber

    Polyimide fiber

    High strength and high modulus of high strength filament can be applied to satellite antenna, bulletproof application, Zhang Lisuo, rope and cable, protection like cutting gloves, helmet, locomotive armor, chassis and other life protection fields, as well as rubber strengthening materials in tires and automobile hose.

  • Polyimide material

    Polyimide material

    Performance advantage:
    It has excellent tribological properties, high strength and impact resistance when the temperature reaches 550 degrees.
    High PV value and outstanding vermicular denaturation;
    Low coefficient of friction and low coefficient of thermal expansion;
    Excellent sealing, chemical resistance and automobile fluid.
    Application areas:
    The brake system of high grade passenger car, long-distance bus, mine transporter and other machinery, transmission system and engine of automobile transmission etc.
    Engine sealing and heat insulating parts; turbocharger impeller, coupling; driving pad grinding, thrust washer, seal;
    Fuel line connector, bearing cage, shock absorber part, motor thrust washer and power steering gear.
    Clutch housing, brake disc, transmission shift fork, torque converter, planetary gear gasket, differential, spherical stop gasket and so on.

  • Polyimide special paper

    Polyimide special paper

    Polyimide paper is the first product of our company and the worlds first product. In December 2011, our company has completed the test experiment of polyimide paper, and the production of polyimide paper in April 2013 has been successful, and the technology has been patented by the state. Our annual 300t polyimide paper production line has become the worlds first polyimide paper production line. Our polyimide paper products have participated in world-class exhibitions many times, and have been praised by experts at home and abroad.

  • Polyimide film

    Polyimide film

    Polyimide colorless transparent film:
    With the excellent performance of traditional PI film and high transmittance to visible light, it can be used as flexible substrate for OLED lighting / display, thin film solar cells and electronic paper, and can be used in flexible display, transparent flexible circuit board, flexible electronics and so on.

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    Polyimide is known as a "problem solving expert", and thinks that no polyimide will not have today's microelectronics technology.

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    Polyimides are called "problem solvers" and argue that "without polyimides there would be no Microelectronics today".

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    "Textile and clothing weekly" is published: "memory". I would like to pay tribute to Mr. Ding Meng Xian, the father of polyimide in China.

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